About Us

S.S. Ghodke & Ghodke was started in the year 1965 with a vision of creating new landscapes and buildings in Indore. Initially the firm was started as Builder’s Corner. Since then we have grown and established as a renowned and integrated architectural Firm in Central India. 

We have built a number of artistic homes, apartments, and commercial complexes in cities like Dungarpur, Bhopal, Akola, Jalgaon, Sendhwa and Burhanpur. We have constructed many residential, commercial, religious complexes not only in Indore but all over the Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. On the back of more than 50 years of extensive experience, our firm endeavours to understand and analyse the clients’ needs and give picture to their imagination.

We have a team of professional and our creative and technical staffs are grouped in teams that follow projects from conceptualization to completion. Apart from the sketches, meticulous use of CAD and 3D modelling enable clients to get a best possible visualization of the project. We at S.S. Ghodke & Ghodke believe that a good design is produced from keen study and research, along with sound technical knowledge and artistic reasoning. Thus, we pay close attention to details, proportions, and scale, thereby ensuring that the finished product fully establishes the potential of the approach. 

Our Process


Planning being the foremost step is a structural stage for the designing process. The project is initiated by analysing the attributes associated with land like zoning, access, circulation, privacy, security, shelter, land drainage, and other factors. At this stage we assess and map information about slope, soils, hydrology, vegetation, parcel ownership, orientation, etc.


The planning and assessing is then formulated through a design. The plan is documented and a detailed engineering drawing is proposed. The design usually covers building footprints, parking, drainage facilities, waterlines, landscaping, garden elements etc. Our design consultants who are qualified engineers highlight the whole idea through this design. Designs are made according to Vastu, which plays key role in placement of a space like living room or kitchen.


Building systems define typology. A building or building systems defines typology of structure either a residential or commercial or health care centre or Industrial where needs of clients are fulfilled taking necessary consideration in process of planning and designing till it’s final furnishing.


It’s the process of preparing building systems. It’s a process of preparing for and forming building and building systems, right from stage of planning to occupancy. It’s translation of design into reality exterior and interior) with a team skilful architect, engineers, surveyors, contractors etc.