Sonar Residence

Shingate Mala, Dodh Sagar Marg, Chalisgaon; 3600 Sq. Ft.

Site is located in semi-arid climatic zone of Maharashtra region, where temperature in summer rise up to 48 degree Celsius, to counter heat radiation passive design technique is used.

Slits are provided on the wall and louvered vents to maintain air flow throughout the house. Use of Cellular Light Weight Cement blocks, adhesive block bonds, etc. are materials, which not only block external heat but, also reduce down requirement of sea sand for mortar; reducing human effort with time and making cost effective by 30% in-total. Bungalow is two-layered structure consists of Living Room, Kitchen, Dining, 3 Bedrooms (Walk-in Wardrobe and attached toilet), Pooja Ghar and Terrace, addition to it a 1 BHK is erected for rent purpose.